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Are Inversion Tables Good For Your Back?

“Are inversion tables good for your back?” I’ve heard of this query countless of times, especially on spine care forums. People that are unfamiliar with the idea of inversion would naturally introduce this question, and if you’re one of those that are still on the fence about this form of treatment, the first thing I’d do is reply “YES! It’s good for your spine”. Firstly, this form of therapy promotes decompression. The inversion table is designed to assist your body decompress at a way that was pure. What I mean by way is that it utilizes the weight of the human own body and gravity, to encourage hydration and decompression of the tissue. Look at the image below. The woman is using an fold inversion table that is easy to initiate decompression that is positive that is gradual to combat back pain and to improve of her joints. Read More...