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Are Inversion Tables Good For Your Back?

“Are inversion tables good for your back?” I’ve heard of this query countless of times, especially on spine care forums. People that are unfamiliar with the idea of inversion would naturally introduce this question, and if you’re one of those that are still on the fence about this form of treatment, the first thing I’d do is reply “YES! It’s good for your spine”. Firstly, this form of therapy promotes decompression. The inversion table is designed to assist your body decompress at a way that was pure. What I mean by way is that it utilizes the weight of the human own body and gravity, to encourage hydration and decompression of the tissue. Look at the image below. The woman is using an fold inversion table that is easy to initiate decompression that is positive that is gradual to combat back pain and to improve of her joints.

Incidentally, I had been contacted by a visitor of this site who desired to know what inversion table that the woman is using in the above photo. You may want to know as well, so I am providing the heads here that the table above is named Teeter Hangs Up variant Ep-560. Maybe, you may have noticed the commercial on TV.

It’s among the highest high quality inversion tables available on the market as attested by the high number of positive reviews posted on I am using this table also and I can vouch for its quality. To learn more about this Ep-560 table visit the website below which will direct you to the Amazon product description page.

Like I still have details to include, okay now we return to fixing the question are inversion tables good on your back. With regards to gradual positive decompression, this procedure helps every single joint to receive decompression with a weight that is identical to the weight that compresses the unite while in an erect position.Without a doubt, this is considered the most optimal stretch and attracts several critical benefits including back pain relief, inducing appropriate alignment of this weight-bearing skeletal frame, and maintaining weight-bearing joints in tiptop shape.A couple more wonderful advantages of using inversion tables is it actually keeps you from feeling stressed out and lowers fatigue. Inverting is a stretch activity, but at a heightened form! Consider using an inversion table for several minutes if you’re experiencing muscle strain and soreness due to stress. I am pretty sure you will feel the difference. Watch, after getting inversion therapy for a set time, I usually feel invigorated because it truly decreases the tension that I feel in my muscles.Give inversion table a try. With consistency, it rejuvenates your physique and could drastically relieve the pain in the spine. Bear in mind, this kind of therapy is known to encourage alignment of this skeleton that was weight-bearing, thus leading to enhanced posture and balance. You can find more information about where to buy inversion table in singapore at

And if you’re in the market for a easy folding inversion table, then do take a gander in the model.

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